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Do you have dreams for a new home, or are you facing the need for a major replacement of a home component (roofing, siding, windows, heating/cooling)? Do you know where to start? If you’d like to use the experience that I’ve developed during my 44 years in home construction, remodeling and subcontracting to find reputable and reliable contractors, this program could work for you. 

Accurately assessing the scope of a construction or remodeling project and estimating the labor and material necessary to complete it derives much of the cost beyond the actual materials involved. Accounting for these cost elements before construction begins affects the accuracy of the actual budget for your project. Acting as your construction manager, I can guide you through the construction process if you are willing to assume the risks and responsibilities of your project you can share in the savings and reduce your risk of “going it alone”. I will act as your manager in defining the scope, vetting qualified and reputable contractors and evaluating their proposals. The contracts are between you and the contractor and you pay them and then me a percentage of the project. That percentage will be determined by the overall size of the project. A large project might be as low a percentage as 12% of the overall contract or for smaller projects it could be as high as 25%. 

Let my real-world experience in the residential building and remodeling acquired over the past 44 years help you successfully navigate your next residential remodeling and maintenance project. 

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