If Your Life is in Transition, Jim Whittemore Can Help

Since 1974 Village Building & Restoration, LLC has been remodeling the Farmington Valley,       With attention to details and you, our client.

Let Jim Whittemore Guide You Through Your Home Renovation During this New Phase In Your Life

For more than 41 years Jim Whittemore has been “remodeling the Farmington Valley”. He has helped families with: new babies, aging parents moving back or adult children coming back home to save money. He has helped families that have gone through divorce or ones that are combining families though remarriage.

Jim has completed just about every kind of remodeling project possible so let his 39 years of experience guide you so you can avoid the most common hassles and headaches.

A new baby or babies or blending of families:

  • Adding or changing bathrooms
  • Reconfiguring existing bedrooms
  • Creating a kids playroom or creating a play area
  • Adding storage space in multiple rooms

Divorce or remarriage:

  • Add a romantic fireplace in the family room or master bedroom or even the master bath
  • Create an adult play space for your new man to hang out in with multiple TV’s or one giant TV
  • Change the master bath to add or eliminate a sink
  • Change the walls and floors to create a whole new feeling
  • Make the changes your former spouse and you could never agree on
  • Update the kitchen so you can comfortably cook for a bigger crowd

You love your home and you want to stay as you grow older

  • Installing or reinforcing railings in hallways or stairs
  • Adding grab bars or a seating area in a shower
  • Updating and refreshing bathrooms to include a walk-in shower or tub
  • Widening doorways
  • Adding a ramp
  • Adjusting the height of certain counters
  • Adjusting the height of controls


  • Make closets more senior friendly to make things easier to reach
  • Installing more shelving or additional cabinet space
  • Converting a bedroom or any spare room to fit a new use or need

Updating so you will be able to sell your home or simply deciding to stay rather than take a bath on the sales price:

  • Replace old looking and worn cabinets
  • Put in new appliances (the ones you always wanted)
  • Refinish or replace the floors to give any room a fresh feel
  • Paint
  • Make the changes you want and would have to make if you moved plus then you won’t have to deal with all the headaches of moving

Medical issues

  • Walk-in tubs or showers with grab bars or seating areas
  • Modify or widen doorways
  • Add new lighting
  • Adjust the height of controls to make them reachable from a sitting position

Whatever changes or transitions you are about to face, we can help you recreate your living spaces to meet your new needs or desires.

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