Aging in Place Remodeling

Research done by AARP has found that most people want to remain

in their homes the rest of their lives. Today, 83% of our population lives

beyond 65 and 20% of the population, live with disabilities. As we age,

it becomes increasingly more difficult to stay in our homes. By not

addressing the increasing challenges encountered in our homes,

we more easily become victim to the events that force us out of our

homes; injuries from home accidents.


Making the home environment safer as our sensory limitations increase

can be achieved in an aesthetically pleasing way through investments in

and the integration of Universal Design elements. The National Association

of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) provides training to identify needs to

make our home living environments safer. Through that training we then

recommend installing products and making modifications that can keep us

all in our homes longer, if not the rest of our lives, while making that living

easier for all ages. Call or write to set an appointment to find out how we

can help you, or your loved one, to be safer at home.