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Since 1974 Village Building & Restoration, LLC has been remodeling the Farmington Valley,       With attention to details and you, our client.

If You Are Looking for a Professional with Over 39 Years of Experience to Remodel Your Kitchen or Bathroom...
You Are In the Right Place

If you are like most homeowners, you probably are feeling a bit anxious about taking on a bathroom, kitchen or other remodeling project. Most people only tackle a significant remodeling project once in their life or at most every 10 years or more.

I have been called as an expert witness for the construction industry so my advice is based on the many construction disasters I have seen up close.

Kitchens and bathrooms are my specialty and I have been “remodeling the Farmington Valley since 1974.”

Of course if you want to take on a project like a whole house renovation or adding a level, I can help you make your dream project become a reality.

I approach each project the same way. I utilize written installation processes for kitchens and bathrooms so you can be assured that you will get the same level of quality that all of our past clients have received.

Here are Just Some of the Reasons Our Clients Decided to Renovate Instead of Moving AND THEN Renovating

  • Creating a great kitchen space for friends and family to gather. Kitchens have become the social center of many homes.
  • Changing the things they don’t like rather than having to start over and change everything. Moving is definitely a hassle. Selling your current home is not a sure bet.
  • A master bath has been a dream since you moved in. Now is your chance to make that a reality with a soaking tub or expanded shower or double vanities or all of the above and more.
  • Changing the look after divorce or remarriage. “Out with the old and in with something new” can be a great way to keep your home from becoming a constant reminder of the way it used to be.

Some Timely Advice:
Other Things You Should Consider In Your Renovation

It is easy to get carried away with all the excitement of creating that dream kitchen or bathroom or adding on the space you have always wanted.

Many contractors won’t take the time to give you the advice you need. They just want to put your project in and even if you are doing things that probably don’t make a lot of sense financially…you won’t hear a word from them.

First, consider the neighborhood and consider if the remodeling project will “price your home out of the neighborhood”. Adding a $100,000 kitchen in an area where most homes sell for $350,000 probably doesn’t make sense.

Second, consider how long you plan to stay in your home. If you plan to stay for more than 10 years then you will get plenty of use and enjoyment out of your renovation. If you only plan on staying for 5 years or less, maybe a facelift will fit better into your plans.

Third, consider how other people may react to your project. If you have been in any home that has a green toilet you know what I mean. They were popular when they were put in but now they scream that your bathroom is dated.

Putting in an adult fun area like a wet bar will make your home less appealing to families with children.

It is always your decision and I can help you evaluate the many choices you have to make.

If you are looking to refresh a bathroom, update your kitchen, put on an addition, expand your garage or any other remodeling project – simply call me at (860) 658-6538 or (860)-379-2012 to request a FREE estimate.

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