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Before You Start Filling Out Forms or Calling Around...

I Have Been Called as an Expert Witness in Construction Defects and I Invite You to Take Just 3 More Minutes to Learn:

How to Hire a Professional Remodeler to Update Your Kitchen or Bathroom or to Add that Extra Space You Want

I have been called as an expert witness for the construction industry so my advice is based on the many construction disasters I have seen up close.

If you are like most homeowners, you probably are feeling a bit anxious about taking on a bathroom, kitchen or other remodeling project. Most people only tackle a significant remodeling project once in their life or at most every 10 years or more.

This can make it quite a challenge to make the right choice so you hire a contractor that will complete your project as promised.

It pays to ask lots of questions and to require every company you contact to put their answers in writing.

If You Only Ask “How much are we talking about?”

You will probably end up with a project that starts to fall apart about a year from now - just when the typical warranty runs out or a completed one that doesn't really meet your needs.

Please use the 17 questions on our How to Select the Right Remodeling Contractor page to help you weed out the contractors that will be learning on your dime. You can also learn more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Don’t put any faith in a “ballpark estimate” you got on the phone or some number they wrote on the back of their business card. If this is what they gave you, thank them and cross them off of your list as soon as they leave. All you will know is the price and there is a lot more to know so you won’t become another contracting horror story featured on the evening news.

Make sure your proposal has more than “we will gut your bathroom and install new plumbing and electrical fixtures and cabinets”. I will be pleased to show you a professional proposal with all the details so you will know specifically what you are getting before you sign.

If you are looking to refresh a bathroom, update your kitchen, put on an addition, expand your garage or any other remodeling project– simply call my office at (860) 658-6538 or (860)-379-2012 or complete the form below to request a FREE budget and project consultation.